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Structural organization and core concepts

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  • Last updated:2024-03-18
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A. The organization is set up with one director, following with three sections:the Assistant and Guidance, the Discipline and the General Affairs, and additional two offices:the Personnel and the Accounting. Our facility is structured for 37 staffs, at present, 35 staffs have been employed and an open position for doctor. There are number of substitutive civilian servicemen are helping us in various operations.

B. Core concepts:

(1) Administrative position by the law: all personnel are to be worked with the core concepts of integrity, loyalty, profession efficiency and affection.

(2) Discipline with Flexibility: The professional value that we withhold is to make sure the treatments of juvenile are well concerned and approached positively toward their corrections. The educations that we put into practices are to focus mainly on their health and mental care.

(3) Affection, Peace and Rest of mind: Most juveniles in this facility are temporary misbehaved, they were influenced by various unwholesome surrounding, under the circumstances, when the juvenile is disciplined, our staffs are hold to such core values as listening with affection (i.e., the staffs are required to listen to juvenile inmates with affection); enabling juvenile inmates to be introspected with a sense of peace (i.e., making sure the juveniles are calm and able to introspect themselves); resting of mind and seeking support (i.e., to rest the parents’ mind so that they will accept them again). Driven by the persistent belief that “saving a young person from wrong path will able to save a adult from being a criminal”, the Tainan Juvenile Detention House vows to reduce the recidivism rate, help inmates readapt to normal social life, and eventually contribute to the country as a productive person.

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