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  1. Treatment approaches for drug criminals under sciences positivism

The Agency of Corrections, Ministry of Justice has proposed treatment approaches for drug criminals. The courses are based on 13 principles of treatment, 7 major aspects and a four-way connection. The goal is to keep the teens away from drugs for the rest of their lives.

Treatment approaches for drug criminals under sciences positivism

  1. “Pillow Talk”

To compensate for alienation due to the distance between the detainees and their families, we record the detainees’ expressed thoughts during the “Pillow Talk” sessions, edit the recordings and burn them on CDs. We let the teens deliver the CDs to their families in person or through mail to help them mend the emotional connections and strengthen their relationships with their families

Pillow Talk

  1. Promotion of legal education

We combine the resources from the society and coordinate events for promoting legal education. Strengthened “legal education” will implant and transfer the law-abiding spirit in the values of an individual, so that the teens can comply with the rules and will not break the law due to a lack of knowledge. Legal education courses are provided.

Promotion of legal education

  1. Volunteer consultants

In order to allow the detainees to receive continuous consultations despite the restricted workforce, volunteer consultants visit the detention house every week to conduct one-to-one consultations, listen to the teens and stay with them as they are going through a slump.

Volunteer consultants

  1. Study group and growth group

The Tzu Chi and Fo Guang Shan volunteering groups lead the study group and growth group every week at the detention house. They lead the teens to understand the context of the books and integrate the ideas into their lives. The teens can also improve their expression and communication skills by sharing and giving feedback.

Study group and growth group

  1. Family support program and group course

Families are the most important source of support to the teens. The professionals from the Taiwan Family Education Association conduct group courses, teaching responsibilities to the children, improving parenting performance and organizing co-reading activities. The family support group courses are promoted to raise the connections between the teens and their families

Family support program and group course

  1. Tea Zen session - Show appreciation to parents, return love and kindness

The Tea Zen session is led by the volunteers of the tea Zen class at the Shimiao Kind Love Association. Through the tea ceremonies, the teens learn to find peace in movement, practice manners, and respect and appreciate their parents through the spirit of filial piety.

Tea Zen session - Show appreciation to parents, return love and kindness

  1. Vis-à-vis parents’ day

The warmth and care from family motivates the teens to mend their errors and improve. Therefore, the vis-à-vis parents’ day and learning outcomes presentation are held on important holidays, such as the Chinese New Year, Mother’s Day and the Mid-Autumn Festival, to enhance the emotional bonds between the teens and their families.

Vis-à-vis parents’ day

  1. Learning outcomes presentation

The teens are offered multiple classes, like ocarina, calligraphy, art, agriculture, extracting and refining essential oil for homemade tea tree soap, homemade baked goods, beading, decoupage, and bamboo weaving. We hope that they can get rid of their habitual indolence, develop the work attitudes of diligence and practicability, and increase their job opportunities and ability to adapt to the society.

Learning outcomes presentation





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